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10 Steps for Saying Goodbye to Emotional Objects

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Old photographs, hand-me-down tea sets, sweaters, school art projects — we all have some variations of these items, just sitting in boxes, waiting for … er, what is it they are waiting for, exactly? A day when you will suddenly wake up and feel a need to riffle through baby clothes and silver spoons? While I am (sort of) joking, the truth is that we will never look at many of the “important” items sitting in boxes in storage. We keep them because we are emotionally tied to these things, and because when we see them we cannot bear to get rid of them. What if, by editing your keepsakes, you were able to process your past and free up emotional space to live a richer, healthier life in the present?

By carefully and intentionally examining each object, you can end up with a more special and meaningful collection of truly important items worth keeping. If you’re feeling ready to take charge of your keepsakes and heirlooms, these 10 steps can help guide you through the process.

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